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This Bumper Sticker Project is designed to be used with any subject and any topic!


Students will create a bumper sticker that represents a concept that you are focusing on for your unit.


You can use the print or digital templates provided based upon your instructional needs.


You can choose the topic, or allow for students to select the topic from the unit that they would like to use as a point of reference for their bumper sticker.


Provide students with one of the templates, and explain that while they will need a visual representations of the topic, they will also include a written summary or explanation of their topic as well.


You can use this as an introductory activity, throughout the year with each unit, or at the end of a unit as a closing activity.


This is a great display for the hallway or classroom as well!




All Subject Bumper Sticker Project | Middle - High | Print | Digital | Any Topic

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