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Looking for a fun and engaging way to learn about Ancient Egypt and the region's pharaohs? You found the right resource!


This activity is Gen Z approved! Students will research, reason, and analyze the ruling time period of one of Ancient Egypt's most iconic pharaohs. Then, they will create Crocs charms that represent the ruler and their time in power. Finally, students will need to create a reasonable and research based explanation for why they created and added those charms to the shoe.


It's a simple, engaging, and fun activity for all students!


Not sure when to use this activity in your classroom?:

  • early finishers

  • wrap up project

  • bell ringer

  • sub work

  • morning meeting

  • building classroom culture

  • closing circle

  • warm up

  • exit tickets

  • free day

  • advisory

  • homeroom

  • after testing


Enjoy and thank you!


Ancient Egypt Pharaohs Project | Research | Analysis | Crocs Charms | 6-12th

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