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This Earth Day interactive activity is perfect to build community and have fun with your students. This would you rather... is designed for the middle and high school classrooms, with questions that directly relate to the pre-teen and teenage life!


This activity is Gen Z approved!


This product has 20 slides with "would you rather" questions ranging from realistic to hypothetical science, conservation, pollution, and earth based topics that will keep your students laughing and having a great discussion. It is Earth Day themed but can be used all year round!


Not sure when to use this activity in your classroom?:

  • early finishers
  • sub work
  • morning meeting
  • building classroom culture
  • closing circle
  • warm up
  • exit tickets
  • free day
  • advisory
  • homeroom
  • after testing


Enjoy and thank you!


Earth Day Edition | Would You Rather | This or That | Middle & High

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