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Welcome to your all inclusive EdTPA portfolio!


This all encompassing EdTPA portfolio shows you all of my content from Tasks 1-3. My edTPA was submitted in March 2016 and I received a passing score of 56 out of 75!! I received the highest passing score in my Master's of Education program cohort. With this portfolio, all of your fears will be washed away. No more stressing about EdTPA - you will have an all access pass to a completed portfolio ready for you to reference throughout the whole process.


This purchase includes the complete Task for the Elementary Mathematics edTPA:

  • Task 1- Part A: Context for Learning

  • Task 1- Part B: Lesson Plans for Learning Segment

  • Task 1- Part C: Instructional Materials

  • Task 1- Part D: Assessment Materials

  • Task 1- Part E: Planning Commentary

  • Task 2 Part B: Instruction Commentary

  • Task 3- Assessment Commentary

  • Task 3- Student Work Samples

  • Task 3- Evidence of Feedback

  • Task 3 - Evaluation Criteria

  • Official Scoring Rubric


*All edTPA language and logos have been removed for copyright purposes, but all commentary content is clearly labeled and easy to follow along with.

EdTPA - All Inclusive COMPLETE Elementary Math Portfolio Tasks 1-3

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