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This March mindfulness activity allows students to answer prompts about self esteem, self worth, and gratitude. This products comes as a digital and print product, where students can reflect on the following:


I am lucky because...

I can create my own luck...

I am lucky to be me...

I am worth more than a pot of gold...


You can lead students through a reflection and discussion on how they can show gratitude and build self worth through this shamrock and pot of gold activity. In the print version, students can write their responses, color, and cut out the shamrock or coins with the pot of gold, and glue them onto a piece of construction paper. In the digital version, students will type onto the shamrock or gold coins for their responses.



Not sure when to use this activity in your classroom?:

  • Early finishers

  • Morning work

  • Guidance lesson

  • Small group counseling

  • Bulletin board

  • Relationship building

  • Sub work

  • Closing circle

  • Exit tickets

  • Homeroom

  • Advisory

  • After testing

  • Free day

  • Warm up

  • Class party


Enjoy and thank you!



March Mindfulness | Guidance Activity | St. Patrick's Day | SEL | 2nd - 5th

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