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The Place Value Base Ten Blocks Interactive Slides lesson and project is perfect for our Gen Z learners! It is interactive, editable, and allows students to create using their mathematical understanding of place value.


This product is:

- perfect for the modern math classroom

- great for upper elementary, specifically grades 2-5 or for intervention or reteach for middle school

- used in whole group, small group, centers, or independent practice

- interactive Google Slides and Google Classroom compatible

- offers a full interactive lesson with a fun, engaging summative project


Product includes:

- terms of use

- review of what is place value

- review the value of base ten blocks from ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place

- practice slides to build the value of standard form numbers in base ten blocks

- summative project where students will build a "base ten robot," determine its overall value in base ten blocks, and show their understanding in standard form


This file will force open a copy on Google Slides.


Enjoy and thank you!


Place Value Base Ten Blocks Interactive Google Slides - Lesson and Project

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