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Don't pass up this Poe"tree" collaborative class project for any of your poetry units, poetry month, or just for a class party or free day!


This activity is equipped with a poster sized tree to print on 8.5x11 paper in sections. Then, you will get brainstorming, drafting, and publishing activities for students to write a poem on a leaf. Finally, students will add their published poetry leaves to the tree.


The options of poem styles provided in this project are a poem about spring time, a cinquain template, and free verse. You will also receive brainstorming and graphic organizer templates, and five options of different style leaves that students will write their final poems on.


This is such a fun and stunning project to display on your bulletin board, on your classroom door, or somewhere in your classroom space for your poetry unit themes.


Not sure when to use this activity in your classroom?:

  • April Poetry Month

  • Poetry unit

  • Whole class

  • Small group

  • Early finishers

  • Morning work

  • Sub work

  • Closing circle

  • Exit tickets

  • Homeroom

  • Advisory

  • After testing

  • Free day

  • Warm up

  • Class party


Enjoy and thank you!


Poetry Poe"tree" Collaborative Activity | Class Project | Bulletin Board Ideas

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