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The conversation journal is a journal where partners have a guided conversation with one another through writing.

Students can practice all writing devices, with just a partner and a journal. Students are able to learn and practice writing skills and types, while responding to another person, finding support in a peer, and enjoying the writing process through unique and child-friendly way!


The teacher's guide will walk you through what the journal is, how it's formatted, and how to use it to improve engagement, community in the classroom, and writing skills.


You can average one conversation journal entry each week of the school year!


Contents Include:

Terms of Use

Teacher’s Guide: What is a Conversation Journal?

Prompts – Persuasive Partners (4)

Prompts – Opinion Partners (4)

Prompts – Genre Partners (4)

Prompts – Poetry Partners (4)

Prompts – Expository Partners (4)

Prompts – Historical Partners (4)

Prompts – Illustration Partners (4)

Prompts – Free Verse Partners (4)


Enjoy and thank you!



SEL ELA Activity Expository, Narrative, and Opinion Writing Task Cards

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