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Look no further than this Universal Book Study resource. This book study packet is a wonderful fit for any text - fiction or non-fiction. It is full of useful graphic organizers, formative assignments, and more.

It can be used in whole class, small group, note taking, independent work, and so on.


Contents include:

- Terms of Use

- Author Study

-Book Cover Analysis

-Vocabulary Chart

-Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

-Main Idea & Details

-Identifying Theme

-Theme Glossary – Blank

-Theme Glossary

-Character Traits List

-Character External & Internal Traits

-Character Traits Using Text Evidence

-Compare Characters

-Sequence Analysis

-Cause and Effect Chart

-Point of View Rewrite

-Making Inferences about the Story

-Story Board


Enjoy and thank you!


Universal Book Study for ELA, Fiction AND Non-Fiction

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