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Check out this Women's History One-A-Day resource! It includes a photo, mini-biography, read aloud option with link to YouTube, and a discussion question.


You can use this as a whole class experience, or assign through Google Classroom, and let students learn about each person at their own pace.


The iconic women in history included in this activity are:

Sonia Sotomayor

Michelle Kwan

Malala Yousafzai

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Maya Angelou

Eleanor Roosevelt

Helen Keller

Frida Kahlo

Shirley Chisholm

Jane Goodall

Ada Lovelace

Jane Addams

Sojourner Truth

Amelia Earhart

Clara Barton

Wilma Rudolph

Anne Frank

Marie Curie

Rosa Parks

Maya Lin

Tammy Duckworth


Not sure when to use this activity in your classroom?:

  • early finishers

  • bell ringer

  • sub work

  • morning meeting

  • building classroom culture

  • closing circle

  • warm up

  • exit tickets

  • free day

  • advisory

  • homeroom

  • after testing

Enjoy and thank you!


Women's History Month | One a Day Activities | March | 2nd - 8th Grade

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